Technical scales
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Scales purposed for weighing goods up to 3, 6, 15 or 30 kg and showing the weight on digital display.  
Due to autonomous power supply scales can work in off-site trading conditions.

Also, scales work from the 220V network.


Scales comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulation for non-automatic weighing instruments according to module B (type verification certificate number UA.TR.113-0251/1-19) and are shipped with a declaration of conformity to module F.

Scale functionality:

  • indicator illumination, the duration of which is set by the user;
  • work in unit mode;
  • showing "net" and "gross" values on display;
  • automatic container weight compensation mode;
  • automatic or manual zero setting;
  • operation of scales in the conditions of influence of vibration;
  • function of the two-level batcher.

Test driver for checking computer connection can be downloaded from this link.

Power supply
220 V or battery
Platform material
stainless steel
Type of display
liquid crystal (with illumination)
Character height
26 mm
Display indication
Placement of the display
on the body of the scales, one-sided
Battery life
6 - 8 hours
Battery charge time, no more
12 - 14 hours
Connecting external devices
RS232 interface
Platform size, mm
220 х 340
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