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Electronic dynamometer
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The electronic dynamometer is designed to measure the force of compression or stretching. The principle of operation of the electronic dynamometer is as follows: the deformation caused by the action of force, is converted into an electrical signal by a special sensor .

Advantages of the electronic dynamometer DE:

  • universal sensor mounting system;
  • the presence of indicator illumination, the duration of which is set by the user;
  • built-in battery;
  • presence of the RS232 interface for connection of external devices.

The electronic dynamometer DE can work both in the mode of displaying of current value of force, and in the mode of displaying of the maximum reached effort.

Current power display mode: after switching on the power, the dynamometer is in the current power display mode in its main mode. The corresponding indicator confirms the device being in this mode. The device displays the value of force in Newtons. If the load is removed from the sensor, the readings must return to zero (initial) value.

Maximum force lock mode: in maximum force lock mode, the dynamometer remembers the last maximum load on its sensor, when unloading on the display this value will remain until the value is reset.


The dynamometers comply with DSTU GOST 13837: 2009 and are shipped with a calibration certificate.

Accuracy class
Power supply
built-in battery
Type of display
liquid crystal (with illumination)
Character height
26 mm
Overall dimensions, no more, mm
Operating temperature range
from -10°C to +40°C
Connecting external devices
RS232 interface
Force measurement
compression / stretching / universal
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