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Commodity scales
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Commodity electronic scales, used to determine the weight of goods in accounting, trade and technological operations in industrial, agricultural and commercial enterprises. Scales work from the 220V network.

Have a thought-over design: the convenient electronic block with a possibility of fastening on a rack or a wall, as well as can be placed on a surface.

Attention! Scales with a platform size of 400x400 mm are packaged without a rack for the display unit.

Scales comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulation for non-automatic weighing instruments according to module B (type verification certificate number UA.TR.113-0251/1-19) and are shipped with a declaration of conformity to module F.

Scale functionality:

  • automatic zero setting;
  • container weight compensation;
  • summation of weight in the memory of scales;
  • function of averaging weight readings under unstable load;
  • work in a unit mode;
  • selection of filters for operation in vibration conditions;
  • presence of the RS232 interface.
Brief description
design of scales from ferrous metal; frame cover made of stainless steel; aluminum strain gauge; electronic unit in a plastic case
Power supply
220 V
Type of display
Character height
14 mm
Display indication
Degree of strain gauge protection
Degree of protection of the display unit
Connecting external devices
RS232 interface
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